The Improverts

5 – 27 August | theSpace @ Surgeon’s Hall – Grand Theatre | 22:55 (improv, comedy)

After their 2021 sold-out run, the Fringe’s longest-running improvised comedy troupe are back for another year at the Fringe! Returning for another year of fast-paced, high-energy and consistently enjoyable comedy based entirely on audience suggestions. The Improverts are back at theSpaceUK with new players and plenty more games, and they’re as spontaneous as ever! The troupe’s quick wit and unlimited energy, blended with expert tech support, create a must-see improv show that will keep you on your toes every single night of the festival. Come along for a truly unique evening of off-the-cuff comedy.

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Fire Signs

3 – 15 August | Pleasance Courtyard – Above | 11:45 (comedy, new writing)

‘No, she’s not my sister. Unless you’re speaking astrologically.’ Second year is going to be Bobbie and Emma’s year. They’re not Freshers anymore. They’ve decorated their flat. They’ve made resolutions. And Bobbie’s in love. He’s a poet. Well, he’s an English Literature student with a substantial trust fund, but who wants to get bogged down in that? Following a sold-out performance at the Festival of New Theatre, the EUTC’s Fire Signs follows Bobbie and Emma through a chaotic year, as new boyfriends and ghosts-of-Freshers-past test whether their friendship is really written in the stars.

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The Rip Current

18 – 29 August | Pleasance Courtyard – Above | 11:45 (new writing, drama)

An experimental nosedive into Jamie’s fractured past. Struggling to assimilate at Cambridge University, Jamie makes an unlikely connection with a former Etonian – Bertie. As Jamie battles to discover himself, he can’t seem to escape the past: a past he can’t quite piece together. With the absence of his estranged father, Ruairidh, starting to take its toll, Jamie’s relationship with his single mother Bridie is pushed to the limit. Lean in and exhale as you sink into Jamie’s distorted world whist he fights, with everything he has, to keep his head above water.

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Make sure to check out these productions from other student groups at the University of Edinburgh:

Paradok Platform

4 – 28 August | Just the Tonic at La Belle Angele | 17:00 (new writing, various genres)

Theatre Paradok, Edinburgh’s premiere experimental theatre society present our newest innovation, Paradok Platform! This year, we’ve created the opportunity for student theatre to catch-up after the last few years of darkness! Presenting nine brand new experimental pieces of theatre, ranging from comedy and drama to musicals and movement – view the full lineup below! With Paradok Platform, we aim to create an exciting, accessible and experimental platform for everyone at the Fringe. Full Programme and Tickets

20 Minutes of Action

3 – 29 August | Pleasance Courtyard – Beneath | 12:15 (new writing, verbatim)

This unflinching case study scrutinizes one of the most pertinent conversations of our time: women’s safety. Using the exact words of the victim, the perpetrator and their families, this play guides you through the most controversial sexual assault case in America. Found guilty of three felonies of sexual assault, an elite college sportsman is sentenced to just six months and released after three. The judge’s justification: a long-term sentence would have a ‘severe impact’ on the perpetrator’s future. This verbatim play ‘boldly delves into an examination of women’s safety, rape culture and patriarchal double standards’ (

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5 – 13 August | Paradise in Augustines – The Sanctuary | 16:05 (17:05 on 5 Augustus) (2:35 hours) (musical theatre, comedy) 

The Edinburgh University Savoy Opera Group is back at Paradise Green with a musical whodunit by Kander and Ebb, the pair behind Chicago and Cabaret. When the leading lady of Robbin’ Hood! is murdered on opening night, Boston PD Frank Cioffi delves into the world of show people to unmask her killer, and maybe even find love. But his task is far from simple, with a troupe of mercenary producers, tortured lyricists, and stage divas all with secrets of their own. A love letter to theatre, this show promises an evening of love, laughter and side dishes of murder.

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3 – 14 August | C ARTS | C Venues | C aquila – temple | 15:35 (1:45 hours) (musical theatre, drama)

On the eve of his birthday, Bobby struggles to find a wish to blow out his candles. Over a series of dinner parties, intimate conversations and first dates, the perpetually single Bobby grapples with the pros and cons of marriage with the ‘good and crazy people’ that are his married friends. After a five-star, sell-out Fringe run in 2019, the Edinburgh University Footlights are thrilled to return to the Fringe with Company. With music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by George Furth, this groundbreaking musical is an honest and intelligent look at love, vulnerability and relationships.

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The Macbeth Inquiry

15 – 20 August | theSpace @ Niddry Street – Upper Theatre | 15:55 (new writing, comedy)

This reconstruction for Edinburgh University Shakespeare Society’s annual Shakesperimental play, reimagines the narrative in a modern political context in order to ask how politics is shaped from, and tarnished by, a pursuit for power; as well as the lengths to which people will go to achieve such influence. It aims to pay homage to Shakespeare’s great tragedy, showing just how malleable and applicable to modern society it is, whilst experimenting with comedic elements of a play traditionally known for its tragedy. It’s time to see the Scottish Play through a whole new lens!

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Cheeky Girls

22 – 27 August | theSpace @ Niddry Street – Lower Theatre | 18:05 (comedy, new writing)

Edinburgh-based dark comedy collective The Counterminers are back for their third Fringe, putting on a new-writing piece by Florence Carr-Jones – Cheeky Girls. Imagine if Jesus was resurrected again. Ugh. So hot. It’s Freddi’s world and we’re just living in it. Life is her kingdom. With Flick and Molly by her side, she is unstoppable, unflappable and uncompromising. It’s magnificent mayhem – until it’s not. Looking for something a bit naughty? A bit experimental? You might even say: a bit cheeky? Well, look no further!

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22 – 27 August | theSpace @ Niddry Street – Lower Theatre | 20:00 (political, drama)

It’s 2081. A coastal town is quiet, deserted by those seeking higher ground. As three siblings clear out their grandma’s belongings, they find a diary left behind that will change everything. Locked within are journals and love letters set amidst a world of climate chaos. With the audience’s help, the family secrets are spilled. When the floodgates open and revelations come to light, will this family sink or swim? Join Edinburgh’s favourite premiere experimental theatre company, Theatre Paradok, as we cast an eye to the future to address the most pressing issue of our present.

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Water Fruit Loops

22 – 27 August | theSpace @ Niddry Street – Lower Theatre | 11:00 (comedy, lgbt)

You know that friend that just won’t stop sleeping with their ex? Theatre Paradok presents a new piece all about that ex. Witty, honest and filled with self-destructive shenanigans, Water Fruit Loops follows Richard, a student who has found himself stuck in a time loop after hooking up with his ex. Rather than utilise the period for self-reflection, Richard jumps at the opportunity to keep hooking up with his ex. Until one day, he realises there’s an audience watching him, and that can mean only one thing. He has to go through a f*cking character arc.

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22 – 28 August | Just the Tonic at La Belle Angele | 13:00 (comedy, drama)

Impulsive, frank, and filled with wonder, Ondine is a young water-nymph drawn to the human world. One stormy night by the lake, she meets Hans, a knight-errant travelling through the nearby forest, and immediately and violently falls in love with him. To free herself of the water world, Ondine is forced to make a secret pact with The Old One, ultimately bringing about the tragic end. Combining rich poetic language and extravagant humour, the original script by Jean Giraudoux is brought to life with jubilant energy and imaginative spirit, promising an unforgettable theatrical experience for all!

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